NHL Data with Power BI

Human Factor Helper
Working with NYC parking tickets data, it was clear the agents filled in color, vehicle body type and vehicle make manually. In C# I made a program to handle this, creating dimensions with target words and aliases. It is now possible to slice the data on my teams demand; example: Personal Car(our preferred Category)- aliases connected with Human Factor Helper will be 4dsd(4 door sedan),2dsd(2 door..), SDN(sedan),SEDN.. and so on. With some background research on what the shorts stands for dimensions can be created within minutes.
Some customizable AI-extension also implemented on spelling differencies. Referred to as Extended in the program.
US Flightdata investigation
Learning SSIS,SSRS,SSAS while analyzing 41 M rows of flight delays on arrival and departure. Using decision trees to find out how to get there on time; what airport, airline, plane type, time of day, resulting in a procent
number of what likelhood you will be on time or not. The conclusion is way more simple than that thou... Spoiler on next row:
(Just go early in the morning)
AirBnB Power Bi Solution
Project to investigate if one should have lived in an AirBnB-unit instead of buying an apartment in order to save money.
Data Model Tour Manager Solution
Buddy showed me his tour managing issuses working from excel as an average user.
He described how he would want it to work.
The model shows his wishes and demands.
Poker Shot Clock
Program in javascript to be used by the poker dealer to keep track of the decision time left for the current player. Works great for cooking pasta too.
NHL Data w Power Bi + Python Solution
A scheduled python script scrapes the web for current startup + injured hockey players and then saves it as a csv file locally stored on my lap top. The user are then supposed to compare teams based on the last season performance and hopefully be able to predict the outcome of the game. Power Bi collects the data through a gateway once a day. Solution is presented on this site.
Discrete Black Jack Card Counting App
Inpired by the movie 21 with Kevin Spacey where he teaches MIT students to count cards I came up with the idea to use the phone to help keep track of the current status of the deck. Now anyone can try to go big...
MiHStore Concert Systems
Developed over 5 years.
Tickets - SMS and email with the tickets recieved when purchased online.
Handle applies from local bands. (accept deny, silent deny)
Invoices - one-click autogenerated and sent to the venue.
Result queries - Sort by venue, yoy, compare ticket sales to scanned and saved facebook attendees.
Event scanner - System scans facebook for competing events. Machine Learning implemented with "is this a band?" based on the description text of the facebook event.
Inventory list - Now the system can tell the us we are running low on cables or any item to do the concert. Also used to let the artists know whats supplied and to be compared with their needs.
Inquiries - Find local bands with similiar genre and ask them if they want to play. One-click acceptance from band login page.
Salaries - Tick the persons who is working at the event and salaries can be summed in the end of the month. Pay out the salaries and create report for the IRS they expectmonthly.
Sixten - a booking agent robot finding local bands, he finds them on facebook, sending them an email. Replies what he thinks theyre asking about, and books them into the system once they have registered or if they already are he books them when a positive response is recieved.
Slideshows - Raspberry pies pulls data and autogenerates the design of the event. Shown in the venues and on local pubs. Rasperrys talks back to the system and let us know if theyre running. Furtherly they help correcting errors when a ticket or an email failed to be sent. Day of show tool - All the tasks on the day of show were inserted; who was doing what and when. Tablets were put beside the stage and at the mxing desk location. System keept track and alarmed if something was not completed on time. When a staff member completed a task he simply clicks it and it changes the status.

Procedure for the promoter(me):
- Book a big band.
- Create an event in the system.
- Send generated infolinks to the band and to whom it may concern
- Tick the staff working at the event from the staff list
- Copy and modify if necessary Day of Show tasks for staff in DOS-tool.
-Watch the system do marketing and ticket sales
- Enjoy the concert.
- Get Door sales from venue and insert the amount from any device. Click button to send invoice to venue.
- Go to the after party.